Powder painting

Metal Powder Painting

Powder painting is a technology that can achieve high-quality decorative protective polymer coatings that are topped by a polymer powder that is electrostatically applied to a metal surface. The product is then heated and kept at 180C for a fixed period of time, the polymer is polymerized and a solid, durable coating is formed.

Powder painting is used for coating / painting metal objects:
doors, handrails, fences, facade elements, window profiles, roof coverings, furniture, fittings, mirrors, radiators, household appliances, etc.

Powder Benefits:

- Excellent quality, excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance
- Resistant to environmental influences, mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation, washing
- Good electrical insulation properties
- Powder coating can be applied at the required thickness, evenly, without blurring or landing
- Has thermoplastic properties, operating temperature from - 60 to + 120 degrees Celsius

Technological Process

Depending on the material and its actual condition, certain technological process activities are required before painting.

Shot blast
metal structures are treated with a metal shot blast.

zinc primer is applied electrostatically and then hot-dipped - keeps the oven at 180C for a certain time.
* If no shot blasting is performed, the metal products are degreased before the primer is washed with an alkaline solution.

Powder painting
Powder coating is applied electrostatically and then hot-dipped - keeps the oven at a temperature of 180C for a certain period of time. Available in RAL catalog and special colors.

2 years of performance of all technological process activities, observing the operating rules of the product and without causing mechanical damage.
Maximum workpiece size (mm) 6000x1450x1800

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